Moments Publication, is a gigantic emotional wall meant for anyone to vent your happy thoughts, your anger / frustration, love, joy, sadness and anything that sparks some kind of emotion! Our main blog Moments Pub is on Medium you can click on the link above.

On Medium we will have little notes and poetry that will be shared.

Mostly this blog will have the same mission as the other blog on Medium but more genres! I want this blog to have more small Haiku’s / One Paragraphers for any type of emotions that fits in the following categories:

Happy Thoughts

Down Days

Questioning Life

Press Play & Strut

Why do this?

  • Because it gives new readers and writers context.
  • Because it will help you focus different emotional thoughts and help many people find a relation and comfort.

If you want to be apart of our movement as a writer fill in the form HERE!

For our new readers, your support will help us reach big goals! You can support us by giving your opinion on our blog, subscribing on our media and this blog!

Again we are thrilled to start this journey and we hope to grow exponentially!

I'm a writer. I believe that words are stronger than actions, because with each word it creates a unique impact.

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